År: 2018 Var: Berghem, Skillingaryd Arr: Lina Petersdotter Johansson, Jonny Hjorter, Quest Leite Kampanj: Genre: Fantasy, Misär, Krig, Relationer & Intriger
Om lajvet

This is the story of the soldiers who’ve murdered and burnt almost an entire people and now have to face the consequences of their actions in the faces of people who looks and feels strangely familiar. Soldiers for whom it will be revealed that these people, who they’ve slaughtered, shares ancestors with them no further away than two generations.

This is the story about the villagers who have lived in peace and prosperity their whole lives, who were born in freedom, lived in freedom and never questioned their form of freedom. Until now, when death rains upon them and they stand before losing everything they have ever hold dear, including the freedom of which their mothers and fathers had fought so hard to gain.

This is the story about the Hands, the hands of the people who have lost their families and have chosen to fight back. The people who are not ready to lay down their axes and plows and surrender to their fate. The people who are willing to do anything because they do no longer have anything to lose.

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