The Straights are not okay

År: 2022 Var: Linköping Arr: Amalia Valero Garcia Kampanj: Genre: Blackbox, friform & kammarlajv
Om lajvet

A comedy LARP about gender essentialism, heterosexism, and the rigidity of gender expectations. You will play a group of people at a gender reveal party in a national forest. Support the expectant couple while being passive-aggressive to everyone. The game will end when the gender reveal goes hilariously wrong and they burn down the forest.

Casual white-middle-class-person-who-goes-to-the-country-club (WASP) clothes would be nice, since it's a casual-posh (WASP) super normative gender reveal party at a national forest, but any outfit that isn't too bold would work.

More info here:

Spelades på Knutpunkt 2022

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