inside : outside

År: 2001 Var: Malmö Arr: Eirik Fatland, Mike Pohjola Kampanj: Genre: Blackbox, friform & kammarlajv, Experimentellt
Om lajvet

"the most thought-provoking game currently in production" - panclou

Franz Kafka meets "A Clockwork Orange" as written by Immanuel Kant.

Confront choices. Face ethical decisions. Make up your fucking mind.

Written by Mike Pohjola ("Manifest of the Turku School", laitos) and Eirik Fatland ("Dogma 99", Europa), tw of the Nordic countries' best known LARPwrights.

It's a LARP. No more than 15 players. It's written in English, but will be played in Swedish. No monsters. No magic. Today, inside : outside will be emotionally and psychologically demanding, open fpr mature participants only. It'll happen during SydCon.

"with fatland and pohjola joining forces at last... a pox on all who doubt the depth of the endeavour. they're like lucille ball and desi arnaz - in a few years, they'll own the studio. [...] the players [...] will be going to places they never even dreamed of." - panclou

Spelades på SydCon 10.

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